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Alvine Engineering follows a paradigm for our role as the MEPT engineer serving on every project.  We believe we need to blend Science, Art, and Business in all aspects of our professional services.


As engineers, one of our primary design functions is to control the physics of the environment.   From temperatures and air flows to energy usage, all aspects of the building must be balanced in an equation that includes function, comfort, efficiency, and economics.  Our engineers are life learners and passionate about understanding the physics of buildings.  In addition to writing and reviewing white papers, we work with leaders in the industry and apply what we learn of new technologies to enhance the quality of life.


There are engineers within every firm that are extremely competent in the science of engineering.  Understanding the technical aspects of a project does not assure the ultimate success of a project.  World-class architects are hired to assure the aesthetics are iconic.  The engineer selected for a project must be not only scientifically competent but creatively innovative.  World-class architecture will and should always push engineering outside the box of tradition.  Our engineers take great pride in finding the second, third, and fourth options to allow the architecture and functional needs of the building lead the engineering to its final destination.

Business Partners

For corporations even of large capitalization, the development of a facility is a significant economic and emotional investment.  The costs of planning and construction are very significant; however the largest life cycle cost of any facility is its ongoing operation and maintenance which amounts to over 90% of the life cycle cost of a building.  Alvine Engineering recognizes the economic impact of the options we develop for systems that will consume the large majority of the energy and require the most significant amount of maintenance.  We are always evaluating our engineering options against the economic backdrop of the ongoing operations and maintenance reality.