• Client: National Park Service
  • Location: Nebraska
  • Area: 10,100 SF
Agate Fossil Beds Museum and Visitor Center provides an environment for the public to experience and learn about the history of the Miocene Era (20 million years ago) through the use of reference materials, fossil and artifact displays, and video presentations. Alvine Engineering was contracted to evaluate issues regarding poor humidity control in the building which caused significant concern for Park Service staff. Due to poor equipment controls, sub-standard performance, and cumbersome maintenance, fluctuations in temperature and humidity posed a continual danger to the collection of artifacts in storage and on display.

Alvine Engineering offered three options and cost estimates for replacement of the Center’s HVAC system. The selected option employs a central air handling unit with multiple variable air volume terminal units with electric reheat. A new temperature control system for the air handling unit, zone air terminal units and humidifier control is provided by a new central Direct Digital Control (DDC) system which extends to provide control of the HVAC systems serving the Video Presentation and Cook Collection Rooms.

When this project was completed in 2007, the 10,100 SF Museum and Visitor Center was equipped with improved, stable humidity and temperature control, and maintenance issues were minimized. The construction cost is estimated at $200,000.

Project Details

  • Museum/Visitor Center HVAC Replacement
  • National Monument