• Client: University of Nebraska—Lincoln
  • Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Area: 240,000 GSF

This multi-story, multi-million dollar College of Business Administration building is anticipated to have five levels, one below ground and four above ground. An atrium is foreseen, giving the college a place to hold events to engage the community.

The design provides expanded student services, career services and tutoring spaces, a unique finance lab in which students will learn through technology and databases, new spaces for actuarial science, entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as study lounges for students between classes.

Project highlights:

  • The HVAC system will be comprised of seven air handling systems. AHUs will incorporate a fan matrix technology comprised of multiple direct-drive plenum supply fans as dictated by unit airflow capacities.
  • The building will be controlled by an electronic microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, which will be the primary control mechanism for all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls.
  • Emergency power will be supplied by a diesel engine generator installed in a weatherproof enclosure located on grade, east of the building.