• Location: Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska
Alvine Engineering provided mechanical and electrical engineering design for this $600,000 project.
Hangar B-493 received two new flight simulator facilities, one on each end of an open bay area. The two simulator bays were each designed to facilitate a full-motion flight simulator, computer facility, repair and maintenance areas, offices, debriefing rooms, and contractor work areas.

The simulator facilities were designed to allow proper clearance for the aircraft engines to be maintained, with the aircraft pulled into its normal position in the hangar. AFFF fire suppression equipment (cannons) were relocated as a result of the reconfiguration of interior construction. Storage for ‘Cadillac’ mobility crates for the 45th Airborne Squadron was also designed into Hangar 493.

New air handling unit and duct systems were added for the new briefing rooms, offices, TSSC room, restrooms and break room. A grade-mounted exterior-located air cooled chiller – complete with chilled water pumps – provides chilled water to the building’s HVAC equipment and to the flight simulator hydraulic unit which supports the simulator’s motion functions. Plumbing was designed to serve two new restrooms, a new break room and janitor’s closet.