• Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Area: 34,500 GSF

NorthStar Foundation primarily serves boys from families living in poverty. The program focuses on five core areas of emphasis: academics, athletics, arts, outdoor and experiential learning, and employment readiness. To assist in meeting their goals, this after-school center features a 14,000-square-foot gym, a climbing wall, a technology classroom, study spaces, and offices. The facility is distinct from other athletic centers in its focus on education.

Project highlights:

  • The HVAC system consists of a 4- to 6-ton, single zone 2-stage high-efficiency air-cooled rooftop unit with integral direct digital control board.
  • Occupancy sensing control for lighting throughout most of the facility.
  • The gymnasium is illuminated with fluorescent high-output light fixtures. Lights can be switched into several modes to accommodate various needs of the space.
  • The facility was provided with an intelligent, microprocessor-based, addressable fire alarm which reports status.