• Location: Irvine, California
  • Construction Cost: $90 Million
  • Area: 600,000 SF
Alvine Engineering was contracted by Maguire Properties to design mechanical, electrical and security engineering systems for a new 20-story office tower, the 3161 Building. This new building was developed as part of the Park Place campus in Irvine, California. Situated on 90 acres in the heart of the Orange County, California central business district, the project was developed as a ‘city-within-a-city,’ which ultimately provides a unique living-working-dining-entertainment experience. When completed, the Park Place campus will encompass more than 4 million square feet of commercial office, retail and residential space valued at more than one billion dollars.

The engineering design team, working under strict California energy and seismic codes, designed the building’s systems to be self-sustaining in case of power outages.

Air handlers were designed to serve each tenant floor, and take in and distribute fresh air to each tenant space, improving the environmental quality. System controls use digital intelligence gathering devices to monitor the dynamic use of the space. Individual air boxes have the ability to supply more or less conditioned air to meet the specific demands of the users and maximize energy efficiency.

Each tenant has access to building exhaust to connect equipment requiring exhaust air that might otherwise compromise the environmental quality of the space.

The lighting systems integrate the newest lamp technologies to provide highly illuminated, yet energy efficient, environments. All lighting systems meet California’s Title 24 requirements. Lighting control systems provide automated control of lights to take advantage of the high levels of day lighting designed into the facility. The 3161 Building has optimized day lighting opportunities through the unique design of its exterior, as well as its floor to floor heights.

Project Details

  • Park Place
  • Architect: Keating Khang Architects
  • Developer: Maguire Properties