Dave Jessen, P.E., LEED AP

Headshot of Dave Jessen.

Dave had an influential architecture and applied engineering teacher in high school that introduced him to architectural engineering. From there, he went on to get his degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University.

Mentoring is important to Dave because he was mentored as a young engineer and it made all the difference in his career. For this reason, passing on his knowledge to other young engineers is one of his main drivers. Dave also takes great pride in the work that he does and enjoys seeing the positive impact finished projects have on their communities. In some cases, these developments transform the look of the cityscape. River Point, for example, changed the entire Chicago Riverfront.

Communities play an important role in the overall health of human beings. Looking to the future, Dave would like to see the built environment better support healthy living in a variety of ways. Healthy buildings, designed to guides such as the WELL Building Standard™, focus on several areas including nutrition, lighting, and exercise. Mixed-use developments promote social interaction and mental health by encouraging people to live, work, and play together in a local setting. Meanwhile, timber projects, like T3 RiNo in Denver, support carbon reduction and sustainability initiatives to help improve air quality and other environmental factors.


  • Local Youth Baseball Coach
  • Involved in a Local Men’s Church Group

“I enjoy seeing finished projects that leave a positive impact, especially buildings that support our wellbeing and allow us to live, work, and play as one community.”

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