ISU Olsen Building Office Suites
ISU Olsen Building Office Suites

Iowa State University Olsen Building Office Suites

Ames, Iowa

5,000 GSF

Renovation of 5,000 square feet of locker rooms in the Olsen Building into office space for the Athletics Department marketing staff.


  • Reviewed existing HVAC system and determined suitability for new use of space. Existing systems located on the roof above the renovated area serve adjacent spaces.
  • Reconfigured/modified the existing HVAC systems for use in the renovated spaces.
  • Reconfigured the existing plumbing systems to serve the renovated spaces.
  • New architectural lighting was provided for the renovated areas.
  • New receptacles and power was provided for the new mechanical equipment. Power was obtained from existing panels.
  • Reconfigured the existing fire alarm system and extended it to serve the renovated spaces.
  • Provided cable pathways and device rough-ins for support of Owner-furnished flat panel displays and support equipment, as well as security/access control systems.
  • Provided new communications outlets and cable for the renovated spaces of the building and routed cabling to the existing Telecommunications Room M1421. Existing outlets were removed or relocated.
  • Primary and secondary cable pathways were provided as required.
  • Developed cabling schematics and telecommunications room plans and details.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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