Myriad Botanical Gardens Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

224 ft. long, 70 ft. diameter

Oklahoma City undertook a two-phase renovation of the Crystal Bridge Conservatory, the centerpiece of the city’s renowned Myriad Botanical Gardens. This breathtaking paradise nestled in the heart of downtown features 17 acres of colorfully landscaped gardens with the Crystal Bridge Conservatory located in the center of the Gardens. The Myriad Gardens underwent a complete exterior renovation which included extensive improvements to the landscape, hardscape, and the addition of a new main entrance to the Crystal Bridge Facility. The Gardens and Crystal Bridge Conservatory is described as “the centerpiece of the city” and is a popular tourist destination offering stunning, rich jewel-tones at nightfall.

Alvine Engineering developed the lighting design concept for the renovation which included the replacement of the original metal halide lighting system with a color-changing system that is both energy-efficient and easy to control. The Crystal Bridge creates the sense of movement by implementing an enchanting pyramid of color through the installed state-of-the-art lighting system. Alvine knew that LED lighting was the best way to achieve both objectives and spectacular visual effects.


  • Winner of the international 2016 Best Urban Open Space by the Urban Land Institute according to City officials, the ‘World Series’ of park awards.
  • Crystal Bridge Conservatory is 224 feet long, 70 feet in diameter, and is covered by 3,028 sections of translucent, double-layered acrylic panels which are utilized for reflectance and refraction on the truss chords.
  • Alvine Engineering swapped the existing 32 metal halide floodlights inside with 32 ColorReach Powercore LED floodlights from Philips Color Kinetics. The ColorReach Powercore fixtures were mounted on the interior of the structure, spaced 14 feet on center, and mounted approximately 14 feet above the finished floor.
  • Previous metal halide fixtures consumed 400 W each while the replacement LED fixtures consume only 290 W, an operational energy savings of approximately 37 percent. In addition, the lamp life of the new LED fixtures is dramatically longer than the metal halide, saving both lamp and labor costs in the future.
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