University Hospitals Authority and Trust

Alvine Engineering has been delivering professional design services under an IDIQ arrangement with the University Hospitals Authority and Trust system for nearly ten years.

Alvine Engineering has maintained an ongoing relationship with each of the entities outlined below to meet their unique needs according to individual specialties and patient focus areas. The engineering expertise provided by our team of professionals has varied from the renovation of public-facing administrative areas to systems modifications in support of new medical equipment needs as well as renovations to entire floors of patient care areas. In all instances, our designs adhere to specific design and operational guidelines of each entity, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, patient comfort and care, and operational effectiveness.

OU Health
OU Health

University Hospitals Authority and Trust Experience

Nicholson Tower

Third Floor Central Scheduling Office Renovation

Third Floor Professional Liability Office Build-Out

Walkway Mechanical Renovation

Fifth Floor AHU 6N1 and 6N2 Renovation

Fifth Floor Renovation

Façade Renovation

First Floor Attic Stock Space FCU

Exhaust Hood Evaluation and Removal

Third Floor Poison Control HVAC Assessment

Power Distribution

Fourth Floor Renovation

Fifth Floor VA Community Center Data Closet

Third Floor Restroom Renovation

Sixth Floor Restroom Renovation

First Floor BCU Clinic Addition

Third Floor Dermatology Office Renovation

Fifth Floor Pediatric Information Systems Office Renovation

First Floor Retail Pharmacy

Garrison Tower

Basement Level Chilled Water Piping Relocation

Third Floor Radiology Renovation

Switch Gear Design

First Floor Medical Records Office Renovation

Fourth Floor Ronald McDonald House Renovation

First Floor Milk Bank Renovation


Second Floor Pharmacy Renovation

Aesthetic Upgrades

First Floor MRI Renovation

Fourth Floor GIM Renovation

Additional University Hospitals Authority and Trust Experience

OU Health Lighting Energy Improvements

OU Health Sciences Center Academic Office Building

PB Urology Clinic Renovation

Biocontainment Isolation Unit As-Builts

PB Lighting Upgrade Implementation

Radiation Therapy Building Independent Electrical Service

The Children’s Hospital

Seventh Floor Infant Feeding Preparation Facility

Second Floor Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic at Children’s Heart Center

Eighth and Ninth Floors Renovation

AHU 2E4 Evaluation

Seventh through Tenth Floor Mechanical Renovation

Replace Kitchen Makeup Air Unit

First Floor CT Renovation

Seventh Floor Child Nutrition Renovation

Donor Specific Renovation

Third Floor VIR Endoscopy and CATH Lab Renovation Study

First Floor MRI Renovation

Lower Level Lab Renovation

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