Steve Ford

Steve grew up in western Nebraska and always found the mechanics of how a building is heated and cooled fascinating. He decided after graduating high school that a traditional college path wasn’t for him. Instead, he attended a trade school in Denver, Colorado to pursue his interest in mechanical engineering.

Working in Alvine Engineering’s Lincoln office, much of Steve’s experience has been with government and higher education projects. Proud to support his local community, he has worked on city icons including the Nebraska State Capitol and the University of Nebraska—Lincoln’s Howard L. Hawks Hall, College of Business Administration. His dedication throughout the Hawks Hall project, in particular, gives him a great sense of accomplishment because of the benefits it provides the future business leaders and entrepreneurs studying at the University.

Focused on making Alvine Engineering a leader within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, Steve fosters meaningful relationships. From maintaining relationships with architects and other team members on past projects to connecting with new clients, he understands the value of a collaborative industry…and community. Steve remains active with Lincoln Teammates to mentor students and help them make connections to support successful careers and lives.


  • Lincoln TeamMates Mentor
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Former Member

“I want the future of engineering to continue finding opportunities to make our indoor environment a clean place to be.”

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