Alvine Engineering Wins Alumni Award!

Alvine Engineering Wins Alumni Award

Alvine Engineering’s headquarters was selected as the winner of the interdisciplinary project category for The Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction Outstanding Alumni Award!

We are so honored to receive this award and are proud of our 20+ employees who are alumni of AE program who worked on this project. Features such as our reception desk’s luminaries that connect the built environment with nature through a custom control scheme were developed by Alvine’s in-house lighting design team that included Durham School alumni, Michelle Eble-Hankins (’08), Ben Williams (’14), and Samantha Bloom (’18).

Another feature of the space that highlights our employee’s talents is in the mechanical room. Mechanical systems are usually tucked away because the machinery is naturally loud; therefore, it was important for both visitors and our receptionist that the noise would be properly managed. For this reason, our design team considered acoustically-rated windows; however, manufactured windows come at a high price point.

Instead of a pre-made system, the acoustical team, including alumni Jessica Hiatt (’05) and Brenna Boyd (’18) presented the contractor with a custom detail that would be built and installed in the field to be more cost-effective. To minimize the sound transmission to the lobby and maintain the required rating, the team provided the design of the glass types, the required air spacing, and the appropriate seals for the installation. The resulting sound transmission of rated assemblies in the mechanical room far exceeds the original criteria. Visitors can experience this difference for themselves by walking through the quiet lobby and then hearing the non-attenuated sound of the loud equipment in the lobby mechanical room.

Providing electrical power for the work stations presented another challenge as one of the goals set for the electrical system involved making future modifications simple. Unfortunately, the Omaha electrical code did not allow for modular cabling systems typically used by the floor boxes. To overcome this, the electrical team, which included alumni Brandon Rich (’07), Kyle Weber (’14), and Samantha Bloom (’18), had to design a customized layout of junction boxes and flexible conduit to deliver the adaptability Alvine Leadership was looking to achieve.

Finally, the mechanical team, including alumni Steph Guy (’05) and Brian Nevole (’14) designed the underfloor air system to utilize both single and dual path air handling units. In both solutions, the air for occupant comfort and ventilation comes from the floor plenum, occupants breathe the air, and then it travels up to the ceiling where it is returned to the air handler and filters again prior to making another pass through the system.

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Below is a walk-through of our beautiful space!

Alvine Engineering Headquarters