About Us

Alvine and Associates, Inc. was founded in 1961 as a mechanical and electrical systems design and consulting firm. We are a family-owned company with two generations of expertise in fire protection engineering, architectural lighting design, building commissioning services, technology systems design, and life support systems engineering.

Our work is based on our philosophy that the best engineering involves equal parts science, art, and business.

Science is the foundation of engineering. Science must be applied to provide innovative solutions that are required as part of developing world-class projects. The Alvine Engineering staff has a passion for learning that allows us to bring a level of innovation not usually applied to the practice of engineering.

Embedding the creativity of an artist in the engineering practice is critical to defining innovative solutions required for complex projects. The element of Art allows the architecture to define the direction of the design.

Finally, we recognize that as MEP and technology engineers, we must be your Business partnerOur approach to developing solutions must consider first costs, operating costs, and long-term return on investment. We focus on the bottom line of each client’s investment and treat the money spent on MEP and technology systems as if we were a partner to our clients. Alvine Engineering will provide options and assist the team with value-based decisions in cooperation with the design team, construction team, and owner.

Working in tandem with our expertise, these three tenets have earned Alvine Engineering the admiration of our industry, the respect of our partners and the loyalty of our clients.