Alvine Engineering Promotes New Principals

Alvine Engineering has named Brian Hadfield P.E., F.P.E., LEED AP, WELL AP, Samuel Haberman P.E., LC, and Richard Woodson P.E. as principals within the firm. In their new roles, these individuals will be actively involved in providing leadership to execute the firm’s strategic initiatives for delivering excellent engineering, client satisfaction, and quality projects.

Brian Hadfield P.E., F.P.E., LEED AP, WELL AP

Brian first began working with his mentor and Alvine Engineering Principal, John Mascarello, as a high school student to identify a career path that combined his love of math, science, and problem-solving. John explained how engineering and mechanical systems design could allow Brian to use his strengths to create positive solutions for buildings. That guidance led Brian to an internship at Alvine Engineering.

His hands-on internship experience prepared Brian for more complex projects. Early in his career, he was given the opportunity to design mechanical systems for 300 North LaSalle, a complex high-rise in Chicago, IL. Although he has worked on many successful projects since, Brian still uses the same approaches he learned from 300 North LaSalle as a foundation for his designs today. From designing LEED-certified buildings to his expertise in providing a healthier indoor environment as a WELL Accredited Professional, Brian pushes the boundaries of mechanical and fire protection engineering systems.

As an industry leader, Brian continues to see the value in the growing trend of integrative design across architecture, construction, and engineering. Whether it is sustainability, healthy buildings, or a lower life cycle cost, integrating teams at the beginning of a project is just one of many ways Brian guides project teams in working seamlessly together to achieve the owner’s goal.


“I feel fortunate to be with a company where I’m surrounded by people who share similar goals to deliver excellent engineering and be a trusted advisor to clients. Twenty years later, I’m still challenged and inspired daily.”


“I believe that everyone should enjoy what they do, and they should have fun doing so. What keeps me going is a drive to help those around me find the best outcome and be successful… whether that is a specific task, a project, a client, or ultimately their career.”

Samuel Haberman P.E., LC

At an early age, Sam had an interest and knack for drawing and math. In high school, Sam’s grandfather encouraged him to use that knowledge to pursue a degree in engineering. He never looked back. As an Alvine Engineering principal, Sam has proven himself to be a leader in the industry. He has developed a diverse portfolio of experience in electrical design for various types of buildings. Sam is also well-rounded with knowledge of the design requirements for building systems across Alvine Engineering’s services.

Early in his career with Alvine Engineering, Sam stepped up to the plate to lead the firm’s new branch office in Oklahoma City (OKC). Sam made the move with his family from Omaha, Nebraska to OKC to help manage and guide all facets of delivering engineering to the Oklahoma market. His leadership, determination, and client relationships in combination with support from a great staff have resulted in an incredibly successful addition to the OKC community.

Sam holds master degrees in architectural engineering and business administration. This background provides a unique blend of engineering and understanding of business metrics that drive project decisions. As a professional engineer and lighting certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (LC), Sam understands the entire design process, from engineering software to collaborating with stakeholders in initial project development.

Alvine Engineering Promotes New Principals

“I approach each project as an opportunity to learn something new. As long as I am still learning, then I still have the ability to teach and grow.”

Richard Woodson P.E.

Growing up, Rich was fascinated by his uncle’s job as a mechanical engineer. It inspired him to try drafting in high school, and later, pursue an engineering degree. His passion for the industry, learning, building relationships, and mentoring young engineers has inspired Rich to continue seeking leadership opportunities.

Now, Rich plays an important role in guiding mechanical design at the firm, especially within the healthcare and senior living markets. He has worked on projects using a variety of delivery models throughout his career, including design-build, adapting to the specific needs of each individual situation. Rich’s mechanical system designs focus on both short-term functionality and long-term operational efficiency. This helps buildings achieve sustainability goals and better return on investment.

Rich’s love of learning also translates to education. He actively mentors younger engineers, both at Alvine Engineering, and within the community as a guest teacher in a healthcare construction class at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Working with young engineers and designers not only pushes Rich to be innovative, but think about how the industry can better take advantage of modern technology. This includes finding ways to use younger engineers’ strengths using technology to improve deliverables in engineering.

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