National STEM Day: Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson explains his findings from Eppley Airfield Projects

“I love having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the built environment. From transportation projects to simple park improvement projects, I actively participate in creating a better place for people to live, work, and play.”Josh Wilson, P.E.

The Road to Engineering

The frozen tundra of Alaska is widely regarded as an exceptionally dangerous place to live. Navigating and traversing the remote Alaskan wilderness is largely contingent upon the use of dirt roads and narrow, wooden bridges that residents rely on for access to healthcare, food, fuel, and other necessary resources that keep Alaska from being uninhabitable. Fortunately, there exists a team of designers, engineers, architects, and contractors that build and maintain this network of transportation infrastructure. It was these very roads that were the source of inspiration that sparked Josh Wilson’s passion for engineering.

“My biggest inspiration for becoming an engineer was my uncle, a civil construction inspector working to improve many of the roadways in remote Alaska.” Josh explained, “As a kid, I remember him talking about his work and thinking about all of the lives he was able to create positive outcomes for and I realized just how impactful engineering could be.”

Josh pursued this passion while he helped his grandparents renovate their family restaurant, where he was introduced to lighting and power systems. Compelled by his fascination for electrical systems, Josh attended a high school engineering camp which cemented his pursuit of electrical engineering.

What Makes STEM Important to Me?

Josh received his Master’s in Architectural Engineering from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL), and with nine years of industry experience under his belt, he’s showing no signs of looking back. For Josh, creating a positive impact on the built environment has been a unique privilege. Working in the STEM field has allowed him the opportunity to impact a countless number of lives.

Josh’s tenure is highlighted by exemplary work designing and consulting for the Omaha Airport Authority and Eppley Airfield, bringing much-needed resiliency infrastructure to an airport that serves thousands of passengers a day. He’s also provided aviation lighting and electrical design services to municipal airports across the Nebraska and Iowa countryside, bringing necessary emergency transport services and aerial crop spraying infrastructure to rural communities. As a project manager, he enjoys the opportunity to guide and mentor our firm’s junior members and help grow their careers.

“I am able to design systems and solutions that are both safe and smart,” Josh concluded, “As a mentor in my company, I enjoy the opportunities I get to pass my knowledge and experience to others and get them excited to be part of projects that better the community.”

When Josh isn’t in the office, or on a job site, he likes to spend his time mentoring engineering students at UNL, donating blood to the American Red Cross (six-gallon platelet donor and counting!), or participating in Alvine Engineering’s community volunteer opportunities.

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Josh Wilson volunteering for the United Way of the Midlands campaign
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