Brandon Hanna CPD

Brandon Hanna

Brandon became interested in how things worked and fit together at a young age. He witnessed many of these things growing up by working on cars with his dad. When he got into high school, he began seeing his passion grow while taking building and trades courses, eventually leading to his teachers encouraging him to pursue the Architectural Engineering and Technology program at Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska.

After college, Brandon’s work ethic prospered with the help of his mentors, who were willing to take the time to share their experiences and project knowledge with him. It helped Brandon to be able to tackle challenges and seek new opportunities in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. This has led to Brandon becoming a Certified Plumbing Designer (CPD) and providing mechanical systems and plumbing design on some of the firm’s most sustainably-designed national projects. One project in particular that professionally impacted Brandon was the Northwestern Mutual Corporate Headquarters and Community Amenities. The project impacted its community and employees and changed the entire cityscape of the City of Milwaukee. The project introduced Brandon to more complex designs and challenges because it was the first high-rise project Brandon had been a part of.

Engineers are tasked with keeping up with the increased energy requirements, codes, and government mandates as technologies and engineering continue to evolve and improve. Brandon advises getting involved in industry organizations and staying connected with the engineering community is a huge help to keep up with the new requirements.


  • American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Member

“I think the challenge in the future of engineering will be keeping up with increased energy requirements. Staying involved in industry organizations and connected with the engineering community is a huge help to keep up with new requirements.”

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