Frank Scalise

Headshot of Frank Scalise

Frank always had an interest in the technical field and trying to understand how equipment or systems operate, which led him to take design courses in high school and college that helped him better understand these systems. Armed with this knowledge, he was able to develop his own ideas and apply them toward his projects.

Frank continues to seek more opportunities because they come with new challenges and new challenges lead to new solutions. He understands that each new solution can be shared with others to make the industry better overall, and there is no shortage of challenges in the manufacturing and healthcare industries where he focuses most of his time. These projects are some of the most worthwhile for many reasons. For example, Frank was able to develop new manufacturing processes to make products to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. He found it especially rewarding to know that his work would help many people survive the deadly virus.

Looking to the future, Frank would like to see the industry invest more in developing more efficient buildings with systems that are more self-sufficient and less dependent on nonrenewable resources. LEED, timber construction, and the WELL Building Standard™ are just a few of the ways the industry is taking steps today to embrace a healthier, more ecofriendly future for all.


  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Former Member
  • American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Former Member

“One of my most rewarding projects was to develop new manufacturing processes to make products for the COVID-19 pandemic and knowing it will help many people survive the deadly virus.”

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