Ken Morgan P.E.


Ken loved math and physics growing up. He was influenced by his father, who worked for the local power company, to use those skills to pursue a career in engineering. He went on to graduate with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from South Dakota State University.

Many of Ken’s years of experience within the industry have been working on healthcare and senior living projects. These and similar projects, like Creighton School of Dentistry, provide challenging opportunities for innovation in labs, research areas, and more. His leadership role also comes with a chance to work with up-and-coming engineers and teach them different aspects of the building design process. Ken enjoys training younger staff because it allows him to work with many different individuals in the office and see them excel.

A large part of electrical engineering is designing lighting to meet current energy codes through effective controls and efficient fixtures. Ken builds a strong team by giving team members opportunities to specialize – some will focus on lighting design, while others will do the power, fire alarm, and other systems. This allows for more creativity and innovation, especially in lighting design where different lighting fixture types can give a space a completely different look and feel.


  • University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Healthcare Design and Construction Class Guest Lecturer
  • Keep Omaha Beautiful Park Cleanup Volunteer

“Design for healthcare projects is a challenge due to several different codes and standards. I enjoy researching to find out how the codes and design can align.”

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