Lucas Harbison P.E.

Lucas Harbison Alvine Engineering

Growing up, Lucas remembers watching his dad, who was an electrical engineer at Alvine Engineering, bring home large sheets of paper, and he would draw on them by hand. He was amazed by the intricacy and imagined how great it would be to have a job where he could do that daily. He always had a love for music, art, and architecture, so finding at a young age that there is a profession that works within those boundaries in the architectural engineering industry made it an easy choice.

As a project manager, Lucas believes teaching and leading others is the best way to share knowledge and grow as an engineer. He wouldn’t be where he is today without the mentorship and guidance that he has received throughout his engineering journey. The leadership skills and confidence that he has gained have led him to enjoy working on a diverse portfolio. From experience in mechanical design for high-rise buildings to corporate offices, residential, hospitality, and education facilities, Lucas has become more well-rounded in his engineering career.

Lucas wants the industry to continue reducing its adverse effects on the planet. Updating refrigerants, increasing equipment efficiencies, and using more renewable resources are a few ways that engineers can help accomplish this, and he makes it a goal to incorporate these in the design process whenever possible.


  • ASHRAE Member

“I believe teaching and leading others is the best way to share your knowledge and to grow as an engineer”

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