Mary Wurst P.E.

Headshot of Mary Wurst

Mary loves solving problems. She considered a variety of careers before deciding on engineering in college. It worked out well because her architectural engineering degree struck the perfect balance between her appreciation for architecture and skills in math and science.

Schools are a vital part of their communities, educating generations of students, which is why Mary has dedicated most of her career to designing K-12 education facilities. She works to understand each client’s unique needs, and shapes the building systems to align with their goals to meet their present and future needs. While she knows amazing opportunities are happening in schools regardless of the design, Mary takes pride in creating learning environments that positively impact all who use them.

Mary believes the future of engineering is diverse, and success will be found for engineers that can collaborate well in a team setting. Architects, engineers, and contractors are now often involved with an owner on projects from beginning to end. This is also why Mary finds the design process so exciting. She recognizes that the architecture, engineering, and construction industry is a team sport that is both iterative and collaborative. Many challenges arise during the design process and good solutions always evolve over time. She seizes the opportunity to learn from her peers, leveraging the team’s strengths to work through challenges and make the client’s vision a reality.


  • Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) Member
  • Millard Public Schools STEM Academy Advisory Committee Member

“As an engineer, I apply my problem-solving skills to break down large projects and challenges into manageable milestones. I then work with great teams to find solutions to real-world challenges.”

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