John Rex Charter Elementary School

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

76,000 GSF

The John Rex Charter Elementary School is being funded with a combination of public and private educational partnerships to provide a productive, enriching learning environment. The school’s urban setting exposes students to the culturally-rich amenities available in downtown Oklahoma City. Alvine Engineering provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection for this school.


  • The individual zones and spaces are heated and cooled by an individual fan coil unit capable of both heating and cooling (four pipe unit). Each space or fan coil unit is controlled by a single dedicated thermostat or temperature sensor with a small temperature adjustment over-ride.
  • Outside or fresh air is ducted to each fan coil unit from a dedicated outside air fan unit located on the roof of the building, adjacent to the air cooled chiller. Outside air is only provided to interior fan coil units and only during scheduled occupied periods.
  • Heating and cooling for the gymnasium is provided by a dedicated packaged, direct expansion, gas heating roof mounted air conditioning unit, provided with economizer for increased energy efficiency.
  • All classroom, restroom, storage room, corridor, cafeteria, media center, and office light fixtures are controlled by occupancy sensors through a lighting control panel.
  • A wet-pipe sprinkler system was provided throughout the entire building.
  • A complete fiber optic and copper voice/data cabling system was installed throughout the facility. The cabling system includes cable, terminations, hardware, supporting hardware, and miscellaneous items required to furnish and install a complete infrastructure.
  • A security detection and alarm system was installed to cover the entire facility. Key pads and door contacts were installed at exterior door locations. Motion detectors were installed in corridors and areas with exterior doors and windows. A CCTV security system with DVR was also provided.

Photography credit: David Cobb Photography

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