University Hospitals and Trust (UHT) College of Medicine Academic Office Building

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

136,000 GSF, Parking for 583

A project of the University Hospitals and Trust (UHT), the office building for the College of Medicine provides a facility that helps complete their mission and enhances the quality education it provides to future physicians. Included in the facility are physician offices with business, administrative, and conferencing spaces.

The 9-story building is strategically located on the southeast corner of Stanton L. Young Boulevard and Phillips Avenue, just south of The Children’s Hospital at University of Oklahoma Medical Center. New skywalks were constructed to connect the academic office building to the Williams Pavilion to the east and to the current skywalk between University of Oklahoma Medical Center and The Children’s Hospital.

The UHT Medical Administration Building was classified as a high-rise building with all the associated requirements including a fire command center, fire pump, and stair pressurization system. Alvine Engineering provided fire protection engineering utilizing a multi-zone ventilation analysis computer program to optimize the amount of air needed for the stair pressurization system and minimize the shaft sizes.


  • AIA Central Oklahoma 2018 Citation Award Winner
  • Performed computer simulation and design for perimeter floor-mounted chilled beam systems.
  • Developed computer simulation and design for overhead chilled beam system.
  • Developed computer simulation for predictive performance of chilled beam system versus traditional HVAC system and calculated initial cost and overall return on investment.
  • Provided analysis for underfloor air delivery system, utilizing dual-path air handlers on each floor.
  • Developed HVAC systems that performed 17% better than required by the University design guidelines.
  • Designed web-based lighting control system to allow complete rezoning and flexibility of lighting systems as the dynamic interior spaces are renovated.
  • Developed lighting systems that were 20% below the allowable lighting power density.
  • Designed the HVAC systems to provide one of the highest energy efficiency uses of the campus district steam and chilled water.
  • Developed strategies for solar hot water heating system.
  • Developed modular power distribution systems to facilitate adds, moves, and changes, literally overnight if needed by the building users.
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