City of Omaha Fire Station 31

Alvine Engineering is honored to be partnering with Carlson West Povondra Architects to provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology services for a new Omaha fire station. The City of Omaha Fire Station 31 will be relocated to a new location at 3404 Q Street in South Omaha. We have had the privilege of contributing to our communities across the Midwest by working collaboratively to design public safety facilities.

Our MEP and technology teams work in concert with owners and architects to integrate unique systems that are required to ensure the safety and effectiveness of public safety personnel. Since 1998, our firm has been partnering directly with the City of Omaha and teaming with other architects and consultants, to advance the infrastructure and amenities available in the City of Omaha. Our most recent projects include the 24th Street beautification and road improvement project and the Missouri Riverfront Revitalization project in downtown Omaha.

According to the City of Omaha, the Omaha Fire Department operates 24 fire stations. The last new construction was Station 3 at 3126 S. 16 Street, which was completed back in 2001.

“We are looking forward to working with the Omaha Fire Department and our team to design a modern, long-awaited new home for Station 31,” explained Gene Neemann, project manager and associate principal at Alvine Engineering. “Since the Omaha Fire Department opened their most recent new station back in 2001, there have been many advancements in safety, technology, and energy conservation strategies. It is an honor for our firm to work on projects such as this one that will positively impact the South Omaha community and the day-to-day lives of the firefighters that serve out of Omaha Fire Station 31.”

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