Bricktown Revitalization Lighting Wins IES Award

We are honored to share that Bricktown Underpass and Walkway Revitalization, submitted for Outdoor Lighting Design, was awarded the 2021 IES Illumination Award of Merit for its contribution to lighting design.

Connection, between not only the past and present, but also between two locations, was the driving force behind the revitalization of Bricktown’s underpasses and sidewalks leading from a historic 1934 train station,  Intermodal Transportation Hub, to the downtown entertainment district. Inspired by the art deco style of the station, the lighting transformed these unkempt walkways into beautiful exterior passageways that anchor the entertainment district.

“We wanted to create movement into and out of the underpasses with the lighting as best we could,” Ben Williams, an electrical designer at Alvine Engineering explains. “The triangle and diamond shaped light fixtures used in the Sheridan and Reno Avenue underpasses pay homage to the art deco style of the terminal, while also pointing the way through the underpass.”

The custom geometric luminaires in the underpasses pay homage to the art deco style of the terminal while also serving as a wayfinding guide, welcoming pedestrians. The underpass lighting showcases murals from local artists, while maintaining proper illuminance levels and contrast ratios for both the drive lanes and sidewalks; turning an afterthought into a destination.

From the underpasses, pedestrians experience a pathway to the vibrant entertainment district, the entire length of which is flanked by an existing railroad wall that could not be affected. Existing canals and landscaping required strategic placement of lighting elements. Using catenary and in-grade lighting, the design team was able to overcome these obstacles. The catenary luminaires invoke the feel of an old train station lantern, while the geometric pattern connects the walkway to the adjacent underpasses. Similar pole-mounted luminaires connect the plaza area to the walkway. The angular layout of in-grade, color-changing luminaires furthers the art deco style. Lighting at each screen wall introduces playful shadows, engaging the existing railroad wall. Centrally-located control components and a simplified DMX system give the City an easily maintainable system.

Safety and budget were also drivers of the design. The existing fluorescent luminaires caused maintenance issues, safety concerns, and an uninviting aesthetic. Spanning an entire city block, this project kick-started a revitalization effort of the downtown area that provides the city with a beautiful gateway, connecting its storied past to the modern-day urban hub.

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Bricktown Exterior Lighting Wins IES Award
Bricktown Exterior Lighting Wins IES Award
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