Exterior view of the Santa Fe Terminal in Oklahoma City
View inside the lobby at the Santa Fe Train Station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
View of a tenant space at the Santa Fe Terminal in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Intermodal Transportation Hub

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Although the site has been used for a variety of purposes since the original Santa Fe station was completed in 1904, the area is now being returned to its original purpose as a connection for many of the city’s travelers. Commuters and tourists alike can rent a bicycle, get on a street car, hop on a bus, or catch a train all from one location and a pedestrian tunnel connects the transportation hub to Oklahoma City’s vibrant Bricktown district. The exterior architecture and art deco design of the 1930s was preserved while the rest of the building was renovated to house offices, retail, and restaurants to keep passengers busy as they wait for their next connection.


Alvine Engineering worked to not only design exemplary systems for the current facility, but built in the flexibility necessary for the space to adapt to the needs of future tenants.

  • Electronic microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control system manages all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls and can be accessed on-site or off with each zone having individual control of its temperature from the central operator.
  • Fire protection is a combination of wet- and dry-pipe systems.
  • To avoid energy waste during periods of inactivity, lighting is controlled by occupancy sensors and time switches in strategic locations.
  • The building is covered by a complete concealed lightning protection system.

Photography credit: Theresa Bragg

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