Brian Nevole P.E.

In high school, Brian attended a career explorer program at a local architectural engineering firm. There, he heard about the Architectural Engineering Program at the University of Nebraska and decided it was a great fit. However, this was only the beginning of Brian’s growth within the industry.

Brian believes that having successful projects requires continual growth. This growth is needed not just in engineering knowledge, but in learning how to work well with diverse project teams and owners. He experienced this himself while working on 222 2nd Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee. The office tower was the first high-rise project in Nashville that Brian worked on and has translated into several successful downtown Nashville projects since.

New ideas and technology are always changing the design and building process. The tools used throughout the engineering and construction process now are different from the ones Brian used at the start of his career. Rather than avoiding change, he enjoys the opportunity to move the industry forward. He strives to be adaptable and willing to embrace new technology that helps improve the design process. His hope is this will lead to safer, more efficient buildings completed faster than ever before.


  • Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) Nebraska Chapter Board Member
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Member

“I take great pride in my work, and having successful projects requires continual growth in engineering knowledge and collaboration skills.”

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