Brian Worthen, P.E.

Headshot of Brian Worthen at Alvine Engineering

In college, Brian started out with an interest in pre-med engineering, pursuing prosthetics and orthopedics. However, he soon realized he was more interested in the machines used in surgeries than the medical procedures themselves. He then returned to his passion for physics and graduated with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering.

One of his most impactful projects over the years was a large central sterile processing department renovation. Not only was the project complex, but it was also the first that Brian was responsible for from start to finish. It gave him the opportunity to lead the entire design process, manage client relationships, and talk with users. The experience grew his perspective on projects and what it takes to deliver a successful design solution.

Brian took what he learned from this project and applied it to his projects in the years since, improving designs and innovating for the future. He would like to see the industry move toward more prioritization of building operation and ownership during design because he recognizes the value of a building performing within design parameters beyond the first few years. For this reason, Brian tries to emphasize early design considerations for goals such as sustainability and ease of maintenance and operation by closely coordinating with building operators and owners throughout the design process.


  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Central Oklahoma Chapter Member
  • Local Church Volunteer

“There’s significant value in having a building continue to be successful beyond the first few years, considering sustainability and growth goals early in design sets the stage for this future success.”

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