Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower
Alvine Engineering Undisclosed Office Tower

101 Platform Way North Office Tower

Nashville, Tennessee

550,000 GSF

101 Platform Way North is an office tower for an internationally-recognized brand, designed to highlight the regional nuances of Nashville. Branded “Natively Nashville”, it honors three different aspects of the city: people, places, and wide-open spaces. The first five floors celebrate the people that make Nashville unique: musicians, artists, and artisans. The mid-rise floors commemorate the places, with iconic examples such as dive bars, art galleries, and museums. The remaining floors are dedicated to Nashville’s geographical features: waterfalls, trails, and bluffs.


  • For this particular parcel, the podium was built first, followed by the office tower. Although on two different construction schedules, much of the system’s design for both projects was done concurrently. In this way, the two projects flow together seamlessly, while saving the Owner time and money.
  • Construction and design for the project started nearly simultaneously as very little excavation was needed to begin structural foundation work.
  • Utilizes a lighting schema that differs among each of the 20 floors, bolstering each of the floors’ unique themes, which all work together under one cohesive, thematic umbrella. An eclectic luminaire portfolio, concentrated in the elevator lobbies and amenity areas, amounts to nearly 200 different luminaires.
  • The design and tenant teams worked closely together to reduce energy use intensity (EUI) for the towers based on tenant corporate carbon reduction goals.The amenity areas also function as alternative workspaces. Decorative lighting doubles as visually comfortable task lighting, providing optimum illuminance levels.
  • For the workstations, traditional linear luminaires mitigate cost, shifting the budget’s focus towards the statement luminaires in the thematic spaces. Workstation luminaires are 6” wide to reduce luminance and are direct/indirect to minimize glare for the occupants while providing excellent task illuminance. The arrangement of those luminaires is identical from floor to floor, for equality among staff members and for ease of maintenance.
  • The workstation lighting is 3500K, but the decorative lighting warms up to 3000K and even 2700K, where warmer tones were used in the furnishings. This mix of color temperatures encourages users to intentionally move into a warmer or cooler area to work, depending on how they are feeling.
  • A DALI-like control protocol allows the owner customized control over lighting levels and energy usage. Installed LPD outperforms energy code by 43%, but the actual energy usage is expected to be lower as users become more attuned to their optimum performance levels.
  • Telecommunications entrance and pathways included redundancy between 101 Platform Way North office tower and the adjacent tower that is under the same Owner, to provide resiliency for the tenant business operations. Telecommunications pathways were designed and coordinated to be efficient, yet discreet within the architectural design.
  • Audiovisual systems design for the space includes video presentation equipment, content collaboration equipment, sound reinforcement, and digital signage.
  • Security systems design including electronic video surveillance and electronic access control are throughout without being obtrusive to the architectural appeal.

Photography credit: Gresham Smith

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