Interior shot of Alvine Engineering's Oklahoma City office's cubicle area
Interior shot of Alvine Engineering's Oklahoma City office's collaboration area with a white board
Interior shot of Alvine Engineering's Oklahoma City office's conference room
Interior shot of Alvine Engineering's Oklahoma City office's kitchenette and area with a ping pong table and TV

1001 West Wilshire Boulevard

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

5,000 GSF

Prompted by an expansion in clients and the need for more diverse and collaborative workspaces, Alvine Engineering acquired a larger office space in Oklahoma City: 1001 West Wilshire Boulevard. Previously a document storage area, the new office space required tenant improvements to elevate the building to the standard of the engineers’ designs for their clients. In addition to the workspace and conference rooms, 1001 West Wilshire Boulevard features customizable lighting, a wellness room, a break room, and a kitchenette.


  • Three conference rooms showcase different lighting designs with flexible dimming control.
  • Dedicated collaboration spaces to encourage cross-discipline discussion.
  • Audiovisual and telecommunications were designed to provide a consistent user experience in all office locations, streamlining internal support via similar hardware.
  • Workstations feature linear lights in the form of downlights that provide personal control at workstations and uplights resulting in a unified appearance across the space.
  • Low-profile LED lighting mounted within extruded aluminum channels provide under-cabinet lighting in the breakroom and copy room.
  • Occupancy sensors within the breakroom and copy room automatically dim or turn on the lighting when occupants are detected or undetected.
  • The existing variable refrigerant system was reconfigured to meet the office’s needs, providing an energy-efficient system with multiple zones of conditioning within the office space.
  • Active air cleaning methods were added to the HVAC system to improve indoor air quality.

Photography credit: Theresa Bragg Photography

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