Bellevue University Educational Services Building

Omaha and Bellevue, Nebraska

71,415 GSF

The Bellevue University campus’s Educational Services Building was uniquely built into a hillside. The stunning 3-story waterfall is the centerpiece of an open atrium. The Alvine Engineering team provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology systems design for this unique stepped structure. The facility houses administrative office space, a conference center, an auditorium, and a new Bellevue University campus data center.


  • Designed to accommodate future IT expansion and load growth of three times the initial load.
  • Final build-out of 1800 square feet and 750kW of critical power and cooling capable of sustaining a continuous load in excess of 410 Watts SF.
  • Tier III, concurrently maintainable, system design to accommodate any single point of failure in the MEP system.
  • 12 KW per server enclosure of cooling capacity without the use of a raised floor.
  • Comprehensive computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses to verify cooling system design.

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