Benson Theatre
Benson Theatre
Benson Theatre

Benson Theatre

Omaha, Nebraska

2,910 GSF

The Benson Theatre opened in 1923 as a movie theatre and community space. Over the years, the space underwent several renovations–most of which did little to protect the space’s historic character and its original vision. Thanks to the efforts of community members and city funding, the space underwent a $3 million restoration. The transformation into a modern, multi-functional theater was completed in 2021. Benson Theatre now serves as a multi-use space for artistic and musical performances.


  • To allow the space to work seamlessly, restrooms and plumbing systems were reconfigured to help the space be accessible.
  • To increase the visibility of historical details, lighting design was used to highlight the original wood ceiling and external façade.
  • The Alvine Engineering team designed new electrical pathways to support customizable lighting and dimming systems.
  • To immerse guests into performances, Alvine Engineering incorporated audiovisual systems to reinforce sound, amplify speech, enable recording, and offer video projection during performances.

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Photography credit: William Hess Photography

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