Benson Theatre
Benson Theatre
Benson Theatre

Benson Theatre

Omaha, Nebraska

2,910 GSF

The historic Benson Theatre was granted substantial funding in 2015 by the City of Omaha to restore and transform the space into a modern, multi-functional theater that is used for theatrical productions, films, concerts, comedy and poetry events, and dance productions.


  • Designed mechanical systems to incorporate outdoor air into the space.
  • Designed plumbing systems to support a new reconfiguration of restrooms to allow the space to work seamlessly at max capacity.
  • Designed electrical systems, including lighting features, to help create an ambiance in line with the Owner’s vision.
  • Designed MEP systems to support the addition of a bar to serve theater and outside guests.
  • Performed acoustical analysis of the space, including modeling and generation of auralizations for evaluation of treatment recommendations by the client.
  • Provided recommendations for building materials and acoustical treatments required to provide adequate sound quality within the space.
  • Performed acoustical measurements to determine sound insulation properties of the existing wall construction and evaluate the sound transmission to adjacent businesses.
  • Designed house lighting to highlight the original wood ceiling in the theater while matching the design aesthetics of the building.
  • Provided electrical pathways and power requirements for theatrical lighting and dimming systems.
  • Provided lighting to internally illuminate donor signage.
  • Designed exterior lighting to highlight the historically preserved external façade.
  • Designed audiovisual systems for sound reinforcement, speech amplification, audio recording, and video projection consisting of a 10,000+ lumen projector system.
  • Modeled sound reinforcement systems to determine the type, aiming, location, and quantities of loudspeakers required to provide appropriate sound distribution.

Photography credit: William Hess Photography

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