Dallas County Law Enforcement Center
Dallas County Law Enforcement Center
Dallas County Law Enforcement Center

Dallas County Law Enforcement Center

Adel, Iowa

61,000 GSF

Overcrowding at the previous, 48-bed law enforcement facility resulted in over $500,000 in transportation and housing costs to accommodate prisoners at other facilities. The new center contains the full Dallas County Sheriff’s Department that includes administration services, jail support, and incarceration. The facility will accommodate a population of 520 individuals. The facility is expected to save $22 million over the next 30 years.


  • Jail portion of the building is heated and cooled by means of water-source heat pumps. A heat pump water circulating system will be provided to circulate water to each heat pump and condensing unit for the VRF system.
  • Wet sprinkler system was provided throughout the building. A dry sprinkler system was provided in the sally port.
  • Electronic microprocessor-based direct digital control (DDC) system controls the facility, including the primary control mechanism for all HVAC, emergency generator, and interior and exterior lighting controls. All schedule and setpoint modifications were readily accomplished through an on-site terminal. Each zone or space have individual control and will be addressable from the central operator station to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Large open areas, accessible to the public are controlled by a distributed lighting control system and include input from the building management system to provide a scheduled building sweep of interior lighting. A manual on/automatic off schedule was provided, except for security-sensitive areas.
  • Emergency power was supplied by a diesel-fired engine generator located on grade near the building.
  • Complete voice and data and communications structured wiring system was provided for the facility, including telecommunications spaces and pathways, equipment racks, telecommunications cables, termination hardware, cable management hardware, and telecommunications jacks.

Photography credit: Paul Gates Photography Inc.

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