Decorative windows at Educare of Lincoln
View of a hallway at Educare of Lincoln
View of a classroom at Educare of Lincoln

Educare of Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska

32,000 GSF

Educare is a collaborative effort between Lincoln Public Schools, the State of Nebraska, and the Susan A. Buffett Foundation. The program offers year-round care and education for economically disadvantaged children from birth to five years of age. In addition to pre-kindergarten education, Educare hosts parenting classes; health, community, and job fairs; and serves as a meeting space for non-profit organizations.


  • Complete building energy management
  • Fully sprinklered wet-pipe fire protection
  • Gas-fired domestic water heaters
  • Outdoor and exhaust air heat recovery distributed to individual heat pumps
  • Perimeter, underfloor radiant heating system provided for infant and toddler classrooms
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Plumbing and piping system
  • Interior and exterior lighting design, including accent lighting and parking areas
  • Recessed parabolic lighting provided for general office
  • Intelligent, addressable multiplex fire detection and alarm system
  • Data and communications conduit
  • Intercom and sound system
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and security
  • Design of entrance facilities, primary and secondary pathways
  • Telephone data equipment coordination of power, grounding, and space requirements
  • Design of primary pathways between the main distribution frame rooms and building exterior location

Photography by Kessler Photography

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