Folding Light Oklahoma Contemporary

Folding Light Oklahoma Contemporary

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

54,000 GSF

Founded in 1989, the mission of Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center is to keep art accessible, offering free exhibits, art camps and classes for local youth, as well as performances, lectures, adult classes, and workshops. This project includes a 301-seat black box theater and dance studio.

Alvine Engineering was contracted to assist in relocating the center from State Fair Park into a new 54,000-square-foot building in downtown Oklahoma City.


  • Special humidity control systems are included in gallery and art storage areas.
  • A wet-pipe sprinkler system will be provided throughout the facility with double interlock preaction systems serving the art areas. Smoke detection will be provided throughout the gallery and storage areas to provide warning of a fire before water is discharged from the sprinkler system.
  • LED track lighting will integrate with the exposed structure design and will have high color rendition to accurately model color within the exhibition and gallery spaces.
  • To provide a clean white aesthetic, fabric ductwork will supply air to the gallery.
  • Aaon RN D-PAC rooftop units will service the gallery and art storage areas. Aaon RN units will serve the main large open areas. Most units are provided with integral energy recovery wheels. Daikin variable refrigerant flow system will serve open spaces.
  • Outside air will be provided via dedicated energy recovery ventilators and directly into rooftop units with integral energy recovery.
  • Emergency power will be supplied by a diesel-fueled engine generator located adjacent to the utility transformer. The engine generator will be complete with double-wall, in-base fuel tank, radiator, silencer, and automatic transfer switches.

Photography credit: Scott D McDonald © Gray City Studios

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