Exterior shot of Omaha Public Schools' Gateway Elementary
Omaha Public Schools Gateway Elementary, Kessler Photography
Interior shot of Omaha Public Schools' Gateway Elementary

Gateway Elementary

Omaha, Nebraska

104,000 GSF

A part of the Omaha Public Schools District, this school is situated on the northern portion of a 32-acre site and was designed to take advantage of views to the south. Primary program components consist of academic, activity, library and community, administrative, and support spaces.


  • LEED Silver.
  • Heat pump water loop is a ground-coupled vertical well field. Emergency backup heat for the ground-coupled heat pump loop is provided using a high-efficiency natural gas boiler.
  • Code-required outside air for the ground-coupled heat pump system is provided by five energy recovery ventilation (ERV) units. The energy recovery units include an electric heating coil to prevent frosting on the ERV heat transfer surface during extremely cold ambient air temperatures.
  • Vertical water-cooled high-efficiency heat pumps with individual space control are located in individual mechanical closets with access from corridors. This allows monthly maintenance to be performed without disrupting the students.
  • Energy-saving strategies:
    • Zoning of the ERVs so some can be shut off when areas are unoccupied.
    • Specifying heat pumps with efficiencies above minimum code requirement
    • Variable speed pumping for heat pump loop
  • All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and ultra-short throw wall-mount projectors.
  • Full wireless data coverage was coordinated for all classrooms and support spaces.
  • Electronic security systems consist of an intrusion detection system (IDS), an electronic access control (EAC) system, and rough-ins for an owner-provided electronic video surveillance (EVS) system.
  • A school “lock down” button station was provided in the main office. When activated, it will override all exterior doors to a locked state and release interior magnetic hold opens to close any interior doors held open by the fire alarm system.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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