Learning Connector Hub

Omaha, Nebraska

89,000 GSF

The Learning Connector Hub building serves as the dynamic core of the South Omaha campus of Metropolitan Community College, the largest community college in Nebraska.

The Learning Connector Hub provides classroom space, computer laboratories, learning laboratories, faculty offices, café/food court, commons area, and other student service functions. The Connector building is a physical link between the existing Mahoney and ITC Buildings, as well as to a new branch of the Omaha Public Library. It also created a new “spine” on the south side of the campus, forming the nucleus for a new pedestrian mall that serves as a “gateway” to the surrounding community.


  • LEED Silver.
  • Addition of a chilled water plant to serve the Connector and the neighboring public library facility was designed by Alvine Engineering.
  • Primary air conditioning and ventilation are provided by packaged air handling units located in mechanical equipment rooms. Each unit includes chilled water coils, heating water preheat coils, filters, and plenum-type circulating fans.
  • Domestic hot water is produced with gas-fired water heaters located in mechanical room space. Domestic hot water system includes a recirculation system to ensure hot water availability at each fixture.
  • Wet-pipe sprinkler system was provided for all areas of new construction. The main service is sized to allow required flows at acceptable pressures without a fire pump. Any areas subject to freezing are protected by a dry-pipe system.
  • Fully-addressable fire alarm system including manual pull-stations, smoke detectors, and audiovisual annunciation was provided according to code.
  • Incoming campus fiber optic and copper cables were extended from the building entrance location and terminated and protected in new telecommunications equipment room.

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