Oklahoma State Department of Wildlife Conservation Headquarters

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Renovation: 25,855 GSF, Addition: 11,076 GSF, Warehouse: 11,777 GSF

The headquarters building for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation experienced damage during the July 2013 flood. While renovations were being done, the Department also decided to include upgrades to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and with current building codes.


  • HVAC system consists of one exterior air cooled chiller, two high-efficiency hot water boilers, variable air volume air handling units, and variable air volume terminals serving each individual occupancy zone.
  • Heating and cooling plant was installed in the basement area of the building to provide redundant heating and chilled water to the facility. The temperature control system is a computer-based automation system.
  • Plumbing system provides domestic water supplied from the existing domestic water service main serving the building. High-efficiency gas-fired water heaters generate hot water.
  • Fire protection system is a wet-pipe sprinkler system installed in the ceiling plenum throughout the building. The protection classification shall be “Light Hazard.” The fire protection water service connects to the existing fire protection water service first level and is provided with a fire department siamese connection near the southwest corner of the building.
  • Project scope also included: electronic video surveillance, electronic access control, intrusion detection, digital signage, coaxial cable, and telecommunications systems design.

Photography credit: Simon Hurst Photography

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