Outdoor Adventures Center

Lincoln, Nebraska

13,532 GSF

The $5.28 million Outdoor Adventures Center is the on-campus home for outdoor academic and non-credit classes, the adventure trips program, challenge course, the UNL bike shop and gear rentals, and Nebraska’s largest climbing and bouldering gym, covering 2,383 square feet and offering 30 rope lines. The layout of the building allows easy access to each activity area independently and free movement between all areas.

Interior materials and detailing are intentionally rugged. Exposed concrete floors, steel structure, ductwork and piping provide an honest expression of what the building is and how it works. The exterior climbing wall creates a unique focal point and strong visual clue as to the purpose of the building. The building is lit in a way that it is a beacon for visitors coming to campus from the North.


  • Exterior Climbing Wall: The Outdoor Adventures Center features an exterior rock wall that is open 24/7 for bouldering and has three rope lines for special events. The exterior wall designed by Eldorado Climbing Walls was sculpted to look like the upper third of Chimney Rock, an iconic landmark in western Nebraska that served as a milestone of progress for pioneers making their way west along the Oregon Trail.
  • Bike Lockers: A major focus of the building is to promote bike commuting to campus. The facility has 22 bike lockers for rent. Individuals renting a bike locker have 24/7 access to the locker rooms with shower access.
  • Classroom Space: There is an exterior patio area to the south of the facility with direct egress from the classroom. This allows those teaching a class to move straight into the outdoors for tent set-up, camp stove training, or other outdoor adventures learning experiences.
  • Courtyard and Equipment Access: On the east side a fenced exterior courtyard and canopy accommodates canoes, kayaks and trip trailers. The fence is secured with an automatic gate and staff have secure access into the OAC storage/workroom of the facility via an overhead garage door.
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