Interior image of Westview YMCA's eight lane pool
Interior image of Westview YMCA locker and auxiliary space
Interior image of Westview YMCA's dance room space
Interior image of Westview YMCA's weight room

Westview YMCA

Omaha, Nebraska

18,077 GSF, 750 Parking Stalls

YMCA Westview is a unique partnership with a shared facility with Omaha Public School’s Westview High. The YMCA is connected to the school and serves both members and students. This collaboration allows students greater access to opportunities they would not have otherwise, such as swimming classes to become certified lifeguards. The facility features an eight-lane indoor pool, a fitness center, and other amenities.


  • Lighting was designed to accent the architectural design throughout the building.
  • The emergency power system was designed so that the storm shelter will receive emergency power from a battery inverter and the rest of the building receives emergency power from a 125-kilowatt on-site natural gas generator.
  • VAV roof-mounted air handers were designed to utilize VAV terminal unit with hot water reheat.
  • Intrusion detection, occupancy, daylighting sensors, and time controls were designed.
  • Electronic access controls that adjust depending on the time of day were designed to ensure that the security system design maintains a secure separation between the school and YMCA.
  • Incorporation of a mixing valve to the domestic water systems design was utilized to reduce the hot water temperature to 110° by mixing 140° with cold water and distributing it throughout the building.
  • An electronic microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control system was designed to be the primary control mechanism for all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls.

Photography credit: Sampson Construction

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