University of Central Oklahoma Liberal Arts Building

University of Central Oklahoma Liberal Arts Building

Edmond, Oklahoma

52,300 GSF

The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) Liberal Arts Building in Edmond, Oklahoma, required an addition and renovation   to serve the evolving needs and growing population of the university. UCO President, Dot Betz, states that, “Virtually every undergraduate student passes through the halls and classrooms of the UCO Liberal Arts Building on their journey to gaining the foundational learning that is critical to the university’s mission.” The addition includes a state-of-the-art lecture hall, atrium with a collaborative study area, coffee bar, 15 classrooms, and 30 offices.


  • Upgraded existing pumps and fans with variable frequency drives to make the operation more efficient.
  • Replaced existing motors of pumps and air handling unit fan with new compatible with variable speed controller operation.
  • Designed a new generator to supply emergency and optional standby power to the building.
  • Upgraded electrical service into the addition and re-fed the existing building from the new service.
  • Created hardened safe area for storms, with the incorporation of a lighting inverter to provide two hours of emergency power in the event the utility power is taken off line.
  • LED lighting is utilized throughout the building.
  • Designed audiovisual system for conference calls.
  • Designed digital signage throughout the building and in the lecture hall.
  • Designed distance learning capabilities in designated spaces
  • Interactive control systems were designed for all spaces.
  • Acoustical design of the lecture hall for better sound performance.
  • Recommended sound and vibration reduction materials to quiet the structural and mechanical noise.

Photography credit: Simon Hurst Photography

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