ISU Olsen Building Office Suites
ISU Olsen Building Office Suites

Olsen Building Office Suites

Ames, Iowa

5,000 GSF

Completed in 2015, Alvine Engineering was a part of the design team to take part in the renovation of 5,000-square-feet of locker rooms in the Iowa State University’s Olsen Building. The space was renovated into office space for the Athletics Department’s marketing staff.


  • Reviewed existing HVAC system and determined suitability for new use of space. Existing systems located on the roof above the renovated area serve adjacent spaces.
  • Reconfigured/modified the existing HVAC systems for use in the renovated spaces.
  • Reconfigured the existing plumbing systems to serve the renovated spaces.
  • New architectural lighting was provided for the renovated areas.
  • New receptacles and power was provided for the new mechanical equipment. Power was obtained from existing panels.
  • Reconfigured the existing fire alarm system and extended it to serve the renovated spaces.
  • Provided cable pathways and device rough-ins for support of Owner-furnished flat panel displays and support equipment, as well as security/access control systems.
  • Provided new communications outlets and cable for the renovated spaces of the building and routed cabling to the existing Telecommunications Room M1421. Existing outlets were removed or relocated.
  • Primary and secondary cable pathways were provided as required.
  • Developed cabling schematics and telecommunications room plans and details.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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