Westview High School
Westview High School
Westview High School
Westview High School
Westview High School

Westview High School

Omaha, Nebraska

High School: 315,000 GSF, YMCA: 18,077 GSF, Shared Space: 14,2449, Parking: 750 Stalls

This new Omaha Public School, located on 156th and Ida Streets, serves 1,500 students in Northwest Omaha and is a first of its kind for the area. The school is connect to a YMCA that will serve both members and students. Students are able to utilize an eight-lane indoor pool, a fitness center, and other amenities.

The school features flexible and adaptive classrooms that serves multiple functions throughout the day and allow for ease of collaboration amongst students. The facility also features an auditorium, black box theater, and practice fields for baseball, softball, football, and track.


  • Lighting was designed to accent the architectural design throughout the building.
  • The emergency power system was designed so that the storm shelter receives emergency power by a battery inverter and the rest of the building receives emergency power from a 125 kilowatt on-site natural gas generator.
  • VAV roof-mounted air handers was designed to utilize VAV terminal unit with hot water reheat.
  • Intrusion detection, occupancy, and daylighting sensors and time controls was designed.
  • Electronic access controls that adjust depending on the time of day and was designed to ensure that the security system design maintains a secure separation between the school and YMCA.
  • Incorporation of a mixing valve to the domestic water systems design is utilized to reduce the hot water temperature to 110° by mixing 140° with cold water and distributed throughout the building.
  • An electronic microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control system was designed to be the primary control mechanism for all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls.
    • Digital signage and content delivery system
    • Health theater
    • Boardroom
    • Exam rooms
    • Live music performance and presentation area in the atrium
    • Transformation conference rooms
    • Fitness room
  • Light fixtures are LED throughout with lighting controls for energy efficiency with occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.
  • Project includes both an auditorium and black box theater with design for a full theatrical lighting system for both.
  • The EMC’s include improved envelope performance, high efficiency glazing, reduced lighting power density, airside energy recovery, high efficiency part load chiller performance, and improved boiler and water heater efficiency.
  • The team’s design saves over 20% per year in energy costs versus the 2009 IECC baseline building requirements.
  • Water cooler chiller produces chilled water for air handlers.

Photography credit: Sampson Construction

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