Westwood Church
Westwood Church
Westwood Church
Westwood Church

Westwood Church Addition and Renovation

Omaha, Nebraska

18,000 Addition GSF, 13,000 Renovation GSF

Completed in 2018, the Westwood Church added a wing with classrooms and nurseries for their “Hearts and Minds” early childhood program. The addition included a new entry for the church, ten classroom spaces, restrooms, and administrative offices. The design called for these spaces to be easily accessible from the existing facility, while surrounding an outdoor courtyard.


  • Many HVAC options were considered, but variable air volume rooftop units were selected:
    • Rooftop air-cooled DX air handling units provide 55°F supply air to each space.
    • Terminal units with electrical reheat were provided for each zone.
  • HVAC temperature control system is web-based and local thermostats have +/- 3 °F adjustment with override button.
  • All classrooms feature a kitchenette with sink, microwave, and mini refrigerator.
  • Kitchen was completely renovated to include new exhaust hood and makeup air unit, dishwasher, three-compartment sink and grease interceptor.
  • The existing fire protection system serving the worship center was extended to all existing and new spaces.
  • Lighting design was provided for the outdoor courtyard.
  • Manual-on, automatic-off lighting control was provided throughout the space, except for corridors. Corridor lighting is automatic-on, automatic-off. The room lighting controls are integrated with the HVAC system to provide additional energy savings by reducing HVAC demand when rooms are unoccupied.
  • LED luminaries were provided with protective lensing to prevent potentially broken pieces from harming students.
  • Basement storm shelter was included in the design. Minimal finishes were provided including minimal strip lighting, ventilation, and power.

Photography credit: Ben Iwen

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