St. Vincent De Paul

Wildwood, Florida

30,000 GSF

Continual growth of the Catholic population in the Wildwood community saw a steady progression that transformed a neighboring priest celebrating Mass into a family homes to the construction of a church able to hold 1,000 people (with room for more in a future expansion). The 30,000 GSF expansion features spaces to host Mass, ministry and religious meetings, choir practice, and more. St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church serves as a more well-equipped gathering place for a variety of community activities.


  • Temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels are all monitored and adjusted through a direct digital control building management system.
  • Many types of lighting fixtures and luminaires were used to accommodate various liturgical tasks and celebrations. A combination of classical-style pendants, theatrical-type, and recessed lighting were used to give multiple dimming and accent options.
  • Plumbing design, including piping and fixtures, was provided for public areas, as well as religious areas such as the sacrarium sinks and the baptismal font.
  • Fire protection for the church is provided by a wet-pipe system.
  • Designated spaces were provided with a complete sound reinforcement and video system, including the design of all necessary equipment, cabling equipment racks, control systems, and programming.
  • Audiovisual system for the Sanctuary/Nave was designed to include features such as audio playback (CD and MP3) and digital recording devices, while the local practice space audiovisual system is intended to serve as a stand-alone system that can be used separately from the Sanctuary/Nave system.
  • Acoustical recommendations for the choir practice space allow the room to also serve as a multipurpose meeting space, supporting both music and speech applications.

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Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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