Women’s Center for Advancement

Omaha, Nebraska

32,000 GSF

The Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA) provides free services to women experiencing domestic assault, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking and their children. The WCA’s services, not only help victims create a safe and strong life for themselves and their families, but advocate for prevention by educating the community. To continue this mission, the WCA moved into a new home.


  • A direct digital control (DDC) system controls the HVAC system, including operating modes of air terminal units and space carbon dioxide sensors, which control air handling unit ventilation rates for energy savings.
  • LED lighting is used throughout the interior and exterior of the building. Controls include both on/off switching and occupancy sensors. Dimming is used in specific areas such as consult rooms, multipurpose room classroom, and group consult room.
  • Fire protection is provided by a wet-pipe system.
  • Telecommunication systems, pathways, and equipment were designed to provide reliable communications to serve WCA’s current needs, and allow for future growth.
  • Communications system utilizes a combination of copper backbone cabling and optical fiber backbone cabling.
  • Audiovisual systems were designed for a variety of spaces including conference rooms, a multipurpose room, and select offices. Features of these systems include:
    • Sound reinforcement system, including loudspeakers, to provide acceptable sound coverage and distribution throughout the space.
    • Control system utilizing wall-mount touch panel or push button stations capable of controlling the room’s video, sound, and lighting.
  • Electronic video surveillance cameras were designed for strategic locations, including outside entrances.
  • Electronic access control system with card readers, electric locks, and door status monitoring was installed at designated exterior and interior doors.

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Professional Photography by: Kessler Photography

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