Ryan Tommey P.E.

Ryan Tommey

Ryan has always been fascinated with how buildings are constructed. His earliest memories were when he visited his aunt in Kansas City and drove around the new neighborhood developments and looked at the recently constructed homes. His interests only grew in high school where he was fixed on becoming an architect. As time went on and his passions began to further develop, his school counselor, who was also his mom, helped him find the architectural engineering field. This was a path that allowed him to combine his love of buildings, and math.

Every job that Ryan tackles is unique. He appreciates that no project is the same because there is always a new location, owner, architect, etc. Omni Hotels & Resorts Oklahoma City Hotel is a project that is near and dear to Ryan. During this project, Ryan was able to grow significantly as an engineer. He worked through the challenges that came with being the lead mechanical engineer but also sought out opportunities to hone his leadership and problem-solving skills. After years of hard work and multiple design strategies, seeing the project through construction and now operating was extremely rewarding to Ryan. This project reminds him of why he gives it his all on every project and the satisfaction of choosing the best career for him.

Ryan has been fortunate to observe many great leaders during his tenure at Alvine Engineering. As he continues to grow in his career and his role as project manager, Ryan makes it a goal to pay that guidance forward and give back to the younger generations of engineers.


  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Society Member
  • American Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE) Member

“I have been fortunate to observe many great leaders during my tenure with Alvine Engineering. As I continue to grow in my career, I want to give back to the younger generation of engineers what those before have instilled in me.”

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