Scott Sanders P.E.


As a child, Scott was always fascinated with aviation and space, dreaming of one day becoming an astronaut. As he got older, he realized that flying was not an option for him, but he could still use that passion for design. He went on to combine design with the skills he learned working on home improvement projects with his father to pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

As a leader in Alvine Engineering’s Oklahoma City branch office, Scott offers experience from a variety of different types of projects from improvements to the Bank of Oklahoma Tower to Oklahoma State University’s Greenwood School of Music. He also enjoys the opportunity to mentor young engineers, both within the firm and externally, working with high school students to explain what an engineering career has to offer.

Mentoring also inspires Scott to continue pushing innovation within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. He hopes that by working together, building and system designers can use artificial intelligence to help structures adapt to the constantly-changing environment that we live in today. For example, if a cold front is forecasted to arrive at night, the heating system could start hours ahead of the front instead of reacting to the drop in temperature after it arrives — increasing efficiency and keeping those using the space more comfortable.


  • Central Oklahoma ASHRAE Chapter President Elect (2022-Present)
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Member
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Member
  • Central Oklahoma ASHRAE Chapter Student Activities Chair
  • MetroTech STEM Advisory Board Member
  • Capitol High School Academy of Engineering Advisory Board Member
  • Oklahoma State University Building and Environmental Thermal Systems Research Group (BETSRG) Industry Advisor Committee Member
  • Oklahoma State University School of Architecture Jury Review Member

“I would like to see the future of engineering embrace improvements in energy efficiency and clean energy. By working with people who share that vision, we can make it a reality.”

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