Shane Harrer P.E., LEED AP

Headshot of Shane Harrer at Alvine Engineering

Shane took a nontraditional path in his engineering career, beginning in biology and switching his major 3-4 times, before graduating with a bachelor’s of science. About three months later, he went back for his mechanical engineering degree. Shane always excelled in math and realized engineering would best use his strengths.

Since joining Alvine Engineering, Shane has had experience with a wide variety of projects from high-quality childcare and early childhood education facilities like Porter-Leath Early Childhood Academy to airports like Eppley Airfield. The childcare facilities raise the quality life and education for the disadvantaged children they serve, while airports help bring people together from around the world. Through his mechanical designs and project management for these facilities, Shane leaves a life-changing impact on communities across the country.

He also leaves an impact within the firm. Shane recognizes that this career is very much an on-the-job training experience and good mentoring can make a great difference in the careers of new engineers. He also believes that the best way to ensure that the industry maintains its solid ethical and moral character is to pass it on to the next generation of engineers through mentoring. Shane views sharing knowledge and watching new engineers advance as one of the most rewarding responsibilities of his career.


  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Member
  • Volunteer Judge for a Local Council Bluffs School’s Engineering Class
  • Council Bluffs Humane Society Former Board Member

“Often, we get absorbed in day-to-day design without realizing the impact our projects have on people and communities, which is why feedback about how our projects change lives is so rewarding.”

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