Alvine Engineering Promotions Announcement

Alvine Engineering is proud to announce four new team member promotions. Shane Harrer has been promoted to associate principal. Antonia Nelson, Josh Wilson, and Brian Worthen have all been promoted to project manager. Each one has gone above and beyond, displaying leadership, teamwork, a commitment to client satisfaction, and project success. In their new roles, they will continue to be a valuable resource for innovative engineering solutions and team mentorship.

Associate Principal

Shane Harrer, P.E., LEED AP

Shane Harrer, P.E., LEED AP has been named an associate principal at Alvine Engineering. His experience includes a wide variety of projects from early childhood facilities across the country to Eppley Airfield. Childcare facilities improve the quality of life and education for the disadvantaged children they serve, while airports help bring people together from around the world. Through his mechanical designs and project management for these facilities, Harrer leaves a life-changing impact on communities across the country. He believes the best way to ensure the industry maintains its ethical character is to pass it on through mentoring, which he looks forward to continuing in his new role.

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Headshot of Shane Harrer at Alvine Engineering
Headshot of Antonia Nelson at Alvine Engineering

Project Manager

Antonia Nelson, P.E., LEED AP BD+C

Antonia Nelson, P.E., LEED AP BD+C has been promoted to project manager at Alvine Engineering. Recognizing that the architecture, engineering, and construction industry is constantly evolving, Antonia is always looking for new ways to balance and improve the integration of architecture and engineering. For this reason, she has been particularly impactful on the phased renovation of 22 levels of First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) Tower. This includes integrating modern design aspects that align with FNBO’s corporate vision and employee needs while coordinating between the design and construction teams, keeping the project on time and within budget.

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Project Manager

Josh Wilson, P.E.

Josh Wilson, P.E. has been promoted to project manager at Alvine Engineering. In high school, he attended a week-long summer camp at the Peter Kiewit Institute that cemented engineering as his career path. He believes integration will only become more important as we move toward more green initiatives. Josh initiates early discussions with building owners about their sustainability goals and futureproofing options, including sizing electrical systems to accommodate greater building electrification and considering solutions like photovoltaic panels. Mentorship was an important part of Josh’s career development and he looks forward to mentoring others more in his new role.

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Headshot of Josh Wilson at Alvine Engineering
Headshot of Brian Worthen at Alvine Engineering

Project Manager

Brian Worthen, P.E.

Brian Worthen, P.E. has been promoted to project manager at Alvine Engineering. First interested in pre-med engineering, he returned to his passion for physics and graduated in mechanical engineering. Brian would like to see the industry move toward greater prioritization of building operation and ownership during design because he recognizes the value of a building performing within design parameters beyond the first few years. For this reason, he tries to emphasize early design considerations for goals such as sustainability and ease of maintenance and operation by closely coordinating with building operators and owners throughout the design process.

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