Burlington Rail and Commerce Building

Omaha, Nebraska

96,500 GSF

The 1926 Burlington Rail and Commerce Building is a 4-story structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally the Burlington Mail Terminal, the building is one of several historically-significant buildings undergoing revitalization as part of a $100 million capital improvement effort.

The modernized building includes office and retail spaces and features an entire floor accommodating up to 90 businesses in a highly-collaborative incubator-type environment dubbed “Commerce Village.” It consists of workspaces, offices, and shared amenities. The owner’s vision challenged designers to implement energy-efficient, renewable, and sustainable building system options to achieve optimal environmental stewardship. Equally important was preserving the historical character of the building. Alvine Engineering carefully designed, sized, and located systems equipment and sought out appropriate fixtures to match the original construction time frame.


  • Circulation pumps with ECM motors that save up to 80% of the electrical energy consumption when compared to conventional pumps.
  • Solar thermal system and hydro heat recovery system capable of offsetting 50% of the perimeter heating load and up to 50% of the gas usage.
  • 100% of electricity costs will be offset by renewable energy credits in the first year.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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